Terence Bulley

Founder and Chairman

Having begun a career as a semi-professional diver, Terence joined the film industry becoming a Special Effects Cameraman and has now been a Director of Photography, while also specialising in underwater filming,for the past forty-five years.

As well as recent shooting credits such as ‘Star Wars – The Last Jedi’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed’ he has also amassed over a thousand hours of underwater work including filming oil pipelines from diving bells and submarines, shooting underwater sequences for TV dramas and commercials, several documentary series around the world and underwater sequences for movies such as ‘Unknown’ starring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger.

Having witnessed the steady degradation of our oceans over the past fifty years, Terence felt compelled to act in some way to help prevent disaster. Consequently over the past six years he has established Blue Ocean.Watch.

Terence is a Fellow International of The Explorers Club, a Member of the Royal Photographic Society and received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Yach International Music Video Awards in Poland. He is a sailor, holds a Private Pilot License and has flown extensively in Europe, Africa and America.

Oskar Seger

Head of BOW Swiss committee

Engineer, Firefighter and Politician, Oskar is part of the 2019 National Council elections for the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland and for the FDP party St. Gallen.

Oskar is a dynamic change maker who believes in informing all generations about the impact of the human race on our planet and what each of us can do to reverse the tide.

“Only if we combine ecology with economy and technology, can we be ecologically sustainable.”

Cristina Rocha Antunes

Head of Production

Skilled in television, broadcast television and independent producers collaboration. Cristina is making her first steps as head of her own company. Her first contents are going to be documentaries about the sea, gender equality issues and climate change. Cristina wants to call attention through film making with the ambition of a game changer. Born in Mozambique while a Portuguese colony she had to run away for political reasons. In her heart and thoughts so often refugees are one of us.

Alexander More

Educational Programming and Communications Director

Alexander is Assistant Research Professor and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Climate Change Institute and at Harvard University where he leads a project on the impact of climate change on ecosystem health and the economy in the last millennium.
Raised in Europe, Alexander moved permanently to New York City at an early age to pursue a college education, eventually landing at Harvard. He served as staff in the U.S. Senate office of Sen. Ted Kennedy, specializing in foreign relations. In addition to his professorial duties, Alexander has worked in 25 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. A master diver, he has conducted several underwater surveys in sites in the Mediterranean and South Pacific, and is a published photographer. He leads communications and overall approach to educational programming for his initiative at Harvard and for Blue Ocean Watch.

Dr Oli Mival

Digital Director

A past life in media production as an award winning film maker and photographer, Oli leads Research Ops at Skyscanner and is Principal Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Interaction Design where he is Director of the Future Interactions group.

An expert on designing interactive systems and information architecture consulting for industry and governments across Europe and the US, he is an internationally renowned researcher, author and practitioner of Interaction Design and UX (User Experience) Design specialising in local and remote collaborative activity and emerging technologies.

Lan Bui-Wrzosinska 
Social Innovation Advisor

Lan is a social psychologist and communication specialist. With her extensive expertise in the psychology of conflict and organizational conflict coaching she crafts social solutions for social dilemmas to sustainably resolve conflicts. In her role as an agent of change she worked in a variety of settings, ranging from the private sector and government to grass root civil society initiatives focusing on communities and environments at risk. Lan lectured and conducted research at Columbia University and the Warsaw School of Social Psychology and is a former Director of the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution ICCC in Warsaw as consultant to governmental and non-governmental organizations, bringing a strategic approach to solving complex social dilemmas. Lan will share her knowledge and expertise in these domains for the benefit of BOW.

Captain João Fonseca Ribeiro

Strategy Advisor

Naval officer who served for 25 years in the Portuguese Navy, largely devoted to communications and information systems and international and interdepartmental cooperation and, more recently, geared to the sustainable development of the ocean and coastal areas.

Founder and CEO of Blue Geo Lighthouse Ltd (www.bigle.pt) focused on the sustainable development of the Ocean and Coastal Areas, including maritime surveillance,

Alain-Pierre Raynaud
Strategy Advisor

Over thirty-five years of executive management and financial leadership as Global CFO and country CEO  in the automotive industry (Renault and Nissan), in the energy industry (AREVA) and engineering and construction industry (SNC-Lavalin).
Alain-Pierre now contributes his time and expertise to advise and support projets in the field of sick or disabled children and teenagers education and healthcare and in the field of sea life preservation educational actions. He also advise a sustainable investment fund.

Dr Armando Geller
Digital innovation Advisor

Armando is co-founder of and partner at Trovero and at Scensei. He is a tech entrepreneur with a background in computational social science, bringing analytics and decision support to clients through AI-driven social simulation. He earned a D.Phil. in political science from the University of Zurich, worked as a researcher in computational social science in various positions in Manchester, UK, and Washington D.C., and held a Visiting Fellowship at Columbia University. Armando also earned working experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Basque Country and Northern Ireland.

Divina Frau-Meigs
Media and Communications Director

Professor of media and ICT sociology at Sorbonne Nouvelle University, France. She holds degrees from the Sorbonne University, Stanford University and the Annenberg School for Communications (University of Pennsylvania). She is a specialist of Cultural Diversity, Internet Governance and Media and Information Literacy (MIL) as well as a researcher in the media uses and practices of young people. She holds the UNESCO chair “Savoir-devenir in sustainable digital development: mastering information cultures”.

Author of more than 25 books and numerous journal articles and reports, she is a globally renowned researcher and one of the world experts on Media and Information Literacy.

Michael Davies

International Lawyer

Michael Davies is an English lawyer, having qualified in 1973. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from London Unviersity and an MA in Art History from the University of Buckingham. In addition to London, he has worked and lived in France, Dubai, Cairo and Warsaw. He has been resident in Poland since 1991 where he was for many years a partner in the international law firm of Allen & Overy. He continues to advise on projects in Poland and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe. He is qualified as a divemaster and holds a licence to operate a power boat under UNECE Resolution 40.

Frédéric Bovis

Producer / Distributer

Frédéric has produced eight movies, line produced and managed over twenty other films and produced over two hundred commercials.

In 1993 he co-founded KanZaman Films in Monaco and has been responsible for many productions in the South of France and Moroco. His experience is huge and Frédéric and Terence have known each other since 1991.

Professor Paula Sobral
Professor at the Department of environmental Sciences of FCT- University of Lisbon

With a background on Biology and PhD in Environmental Sciences, teaching Marine Ecology and Water Pollution to the Environmental Engineering Master Course.
She has developed research in microplastics since 2008, and coordinated the “Microplastics and persistent pollutants – a threat to marine life” funded by the Portuguese science agency.
She was the national coordinator of the European project MARLISCO, (EU FP7 SiS) on awareness and co-responsibility towards the reduction of marine litter in the European Seas.

Dr. Raeanne Miller

Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS)

An expert in knowledge exchange, innovation, marine industrial impacts, & benthic ecology.

Raeanne connect scientists, policymakers, businesses and communities to support sustainable industry, economic and social development with cutting-edge science.

With BOW, her research focuses on how underwater sound pollution affects invertebrate larvae and how they are delivered to both natural and man-made reefs – she is particularly interested in the role of underwater sound as a ‘beacon’ for larvae, signaling that they are close to ‘home’, and helping them find suitable habitat.

Professor J. Murray Roberts

Professor of Applied Marine Biology & Ecology at the University of Edinburgh.

Murray’s research activities are working to advance understanding of the biology and ecology of cold-water corals and provide the information needed for their long-term management and conservation.

Regula Bulley

Education Advisor

Swiss born Regula has been a primary school teacher since 1975, has brought up four children and lived and worked in Switzerland, England and France. Her dedication to fairness and the rights of children together with her innovative and stimulating approach to teaching has always made her an esteemed member of teaching staff. Attached to the educational group Regula will assist in the creation of programmes for the younger ages.

Janina Rossiter

Illustrator and Author

Janina was inspired to write ‘123 Who’s Cleaning the Sea’ – A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet (Early Childhood Concepts) because of her concern for our environment.  She is passionate about fighting climate change and keeping the oceans free from plastic and other pollutants.

German born Janina studied communication & illustration design at university and after graduating with a degree, moved to Paris, where she lives with her English husband and her two daughters.

Janina created the illustrations for the BOW video ‘The Song of Life’ relating to sound pollution affecting whales.

As an artist, she feels happiest when recreating images of the ocean in her paintings. “I hope that through my art and my love of the sea, I can make my voice heard and make a difference.”janinarossiter.com




Guy Greville-Morris
Creative Advisor

Writer, Director, film maker, Engineer.
Formerly Production Designer and Director on many Hollywood movies and commercials, has worked with Sea Shepherds for whom he designed and built equipment for recording and logging the incidents of aquatic mammals trapped and killed by Pacific drift nets.

Tamsin Anastasi-Pace
Communications & Marketing Advisor

Digital marketing specialist presently SVP, Global Head of Product Development for The Economist Group Media Businesses, focusing on emerging products and customised marketing solutions for their digital platforms. She also holds a BSc (Hons) bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography.

Sara DuPont

Currently fundraiser for one of New York’s oldest and most prestigious cultural institutions. Sara has a vested interested in environmental conservation and preserving the planet’s biodiversity and has experience spanning the sciences, teaching, and fundraising campaigns.

Earle Sebastian

Earle has designed, produced, conceived and directed for over two decades. As a film maker, he has directed Bono, Madonna, Massive Attack, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, is on-going creative director for Alicia Keys and also collaborating with her for a documentary in Africa for Keep A Child Alive, a global non-profit.
For many years, the Black Ball in NY has been designed by Creative Director Earle Sebastian and he will oversee all BOW fund raising events.

Max Bulley

Maritime Advisor

Former Laser sailing champion he then qualified and worked as a Captain and is now a Yacht broker in Monaco.

Tony Field