… and watch your coral grow.

The Mesoamerican Reef in Honduras is the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and is in dire need of help.

You can adopt part of the reef to grow and restore by emailing coral@blueocean.watch.

As BOW has tax-exempt status under 501(c)(3), US sponsors and donors may deduct their contributions from their personal or corporate taxes.

Coral View reef, part of the Mesoamerican Reef, on Utila Island in Honduras is an excellent site. It’s in need of restoration and has a great deal of research history. The sponsor’s stretch of reef will have fixed quadrats to facilitate the measure of its progress by comparisons at different times. It’s also manageable and surveyable during a dive and will contain some charismatic coral stations.

Cameras will be placed along the section to also include time-laps photography to condense time and show the restoration evolution over months and years.

The sponsor will have a dedicated camera placed on their section of the reef with a live video link to a TV monitor in their boardroom, office or home. This monitor will also have access to the documentaries, progress videos and time-laps films produced on the reef.

Educational research platform

As well as restoring the coral, a database and website will be produced of all coral growing and restoration along the reef.

This database and website will be interactive for the use of students at all levels anywhere in the world. They will have access to on-site instruments measuring, salinity, sea temperature, PH, currents, light absorption, tides and meteorological conditions.

A remotely controlled 360º VR camera on a U/W drone is also being developed which can also be controlled by the student.

The website will also allow interactive communication between students and the onsite teams. The database will gradually include more and more information from other reefs for comparisons.

This takes “online learning” out of the range of passive consumption (e.g. videos, remote lectures, electronic examination etc.) and into to the vibrant world of real field research.
The result is a dynamic, custom research platform that makes science come alive!

For more information about the costs of sponsoring the restoration of an area of the reef please email coral@blueocean.watch