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Our BOW scientists, filmmakers, media and education specialists are constantly working on a variety of oceanic subjects to learn and try to find solutions. We not only feed this data and information into an interactive database and website for students but also create videos and messages for social media and educational material for schools and universities distributed by UNESCO worldwide.


Climate change and the warming of the ocean is putting coral’s future in danger along with the millions of species that inhabit the reefs and the half a billion people who rely on reef fish for food. It’s estimated that without significant action, 90% of reefs will be dead by 2050.


By donating to Blue Ocean Watch you are ensuring that, together with Operation Wallacea, we will press on working to save Coral reefs which are among the most important factors for keeping our oceans alive and healthy.

GIVE whatever you can to create a wave of difference in coral restoration and data driven learning platforms to empower the health of our oceans for generations to come.

Your support will power the rollout of educational tools that give researchers and students live classrooms in an open-source manner. Expensive fees for live data should not be a barrier to innovative conservation. Your support will also fuel the development and deployment of live camera feeds placed on reefs that can be monitored and maneuverer remotely. This provides a dynamic, custom research environment that makes science come alive!

Online learning

Due to Covid19, students around the world have been unable to travel for traditional field work, thereby limiting their “hands-on” access to applied learning settings.

The BOW interactive database empowers “online learning” in a dynamic manner by allowing custom inputs and personalization of testing. This moves online learning out of the range of passive consumption and into to the vibrant world of real field research.


Whatever the amount you donate, you will receive regular progress reports that will include exclusive links to on-site videos showing the work being done and illustrating what your donation helped to achieve.

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With your help, it will allow us to launch expeditions and create educational material for schools and universities across the world.

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